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Garlic Paste
We are offering garlic paste to our clients. This variety of pastes is highly popular in the Indian cooking industry. The pastes is of smooth texture and contains all the healthy compounds of the garlic cloves. The paste has the nutritional values of garlic
Ginger Garlic Paste
Ginger and garlic are some indispensable ingredients used to cook various dishes. Combining them to form ginger garlic paste can be even more advantageous. The paste is of smooth and perfectly blended texture with no lumps
Ginger Paste
Ginger paste is offered to the clients for utilizing in Indian cooking. Using ginger paste in the dishes can enhance the taste of the dishes. The paste is finely blended and contains no lumps or improper textures. This is made with fresh gingers. 

Garlic Powder
Garlic powder is the dried form of the garlic cloves, finely blended. There is absolute no moisture present in the powder, thereby making it an ideal choice for utilizing and storing for longer periods. Many dry snacks can be prepared by sprinkling this powder.

Ginger Powder
Ginger powder is the dried version of raw gingers. The powder is made with fresh and high quality of gingers. The powder is an ideal choice to be sprinkled on all the dishes as a substitute of raw ginger grated pieces. 

Ginger Granule
Ginger granule is being offered to the clients. This is a spicy ingredient that can be added to various dry snacks. This is extremely helpful in cooling down the gas problems. Moreover, the ginger granule is said to increase the immunity of the body. This can be consumed in strong kadhas during cold.